The Project

In the course of explaining my passion for Project Educate Africa Inc., one of my American friends asked me, “What is education like in Nigeria?” I know what to say, but it was such an open ended question that I had difficulty finding a starting point. Would I talk about the teachers, students, administration, infrastructures, discipline, etc. I stumbled a little bit and came up with an analogy that goes like this. Education in Nigeria is like having skilled and talented artists painting with brushes tied to their toes. Indeed, the paintings will eventually come out clean or close to the artists’ imagination. But that would take more than double the time and energy, than had the artists painted with brushes in their skilled hands. Talk of a stretch of skill for the artists.

Believe it or not, Nigerian students are smart, disciplined and ready to work hard. Their teachers mean business. Education in Nigeria is one rare privilege that many children don’t have, but would wish they did. Books are treated like very scarce treasures. Yes, valued treasures. Libraries are scarce and when available, they are very ill-equipped, even in universities. Without well-equipped libraries the scope and quality of students’ learning becomes limited. But availability of books and research resources like good libraries provide the students with the opportunity to diversify their classroom ideas. That creates opportunity for dynamism in education and its subsequent translation in social settings.

Project Educate Africa Inc. aims at providing as many educational opportunities and resources as possible, to as many Nigerian students as possible through: building and equipping new libraries, supporting existing libraries, providing scholarship opportunities to students in financial needs, creating academic incentives to highly intelligent students, etc.

Each educated child is one more blessing to a better world. Each book read is one good idea planted in a brain that will one day sprout and flower. Each library built and equipped is one house of wisdom that will turn the lives of many around for better. Every little support in the above needs makes the world a better place for all. Indeed, the scope is huge and the areas to be covered enormous. So much help seems like a mere drop in a dry bucket. But still, each little drop means less dryness. Together we can do it.

Project Educate Africa Inc currently spends 100% of every donation towards their programs. We have no paid employees. We have many generous volunteers. As the president, I am keeping my full time job as a hospital priest chaplain at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, NJ. Currently, a certain amount of many is paid directly from my paycheck into Project Educate Africa’s account for funding of its programs. Be assured that your support is going to be used completely for the programs of Project Educate Africa Inc. Thanks for all your support.


Rev. Mike S. Ezeatu, Ph.D
President and Founder