Nigeria’s Demographics

Geographical Location: West coast of Africa

Population: 180 Million

Major Source of Income: Petroleum, at least 2 million barrels of oil daily (about 98% of national income).

Religion: Christianity and Islam (approx. ratio of 1:1)

Independence: October 1, 1960, previously under British colonial rule

Government: Democracy, but subject to military coups.

Official Language: English

Education: Very poor due to the government’s negligence and lack of commitment to educational programs.

International Status:

  • 5th largest oil producing country in the world
  • 5th oil supplying country to the U.S.
  • Home of international authors, musicians, Nobel prize winners,
    (Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka)
  • Most populous country in Africa
  • Richest African country, with numerous untapped human, mineral and natural resources, but actually one of the cash poorest countries on the continent