Aims and Objectives

Project Educate Africa Inc currently spends 100% of every donation towards our educational programs. We have no paid employees.

We have some volunteers both here in the US and in Nigeria who are very generous with their time and resources. All these help us to achieve out aims and objectives. Currently we aim at:

  • helping increase literacy in Nigeria. To make libraries and use of computers part of the living experience of many Nigerian children
  • creating educational excellence incentives among secondary school and university students by periodically organizing award-based debates, writing contests and art contests.
  • providing need-based tuition scholarships to those students who otherwise would not be able to afford secondary and university education.
  • encouraging communities to invest in education of the young Nigerians – through sponsoring of these debates, essay context and art contests.


Mission Statement

Poverty has many layers. The most basic involves those things which sustain live food, water, and clothing. However, there is a need which is just as essential as those just mentioned – the desire and the thirst for knowledge. The main objective of Project Educate Africa Inc, is to help alleviate this thirst for the people of Nigeria.

To be illiterate is to be cut off from yourself and the world community. It is to live a half-life mired in frustration and unfulfilled human potential. Project Educate Africa inc., by way of books and other educational resources and incentives plays its part in the transformation and empowerment of the people of Nigeria.