A 501 (c) (3) Foundation Committed to Establishing Libraries & Increasing Literacy in Nigeria

Poverty Has Many Layers

The most basic involves those things which sustain life – food, water, and clothing. However, there is a need which is just as essential – the desire and the thirst for knowledge.

The main objective of Project Educate Africa Inc. is to help alleviate this thirst for the people of Nigeria. We invite you to read the full version of our mission statement.

Our aims are to increase literacy in Nigeria by making libraries a part of the lived experience of the people. We hope to use the libraries to educate people about the inalienable nature of human and civil rights in a developing Nigerian democracy, and to help educate people in social justice and peaceful ways of resolving conflicts and crises.

We need your help to achieve our goals. Please consider donating your unwanted car through our car donation program. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.